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Imagine this: a fitness-loving, tequila enthusiast, and an adventurous spirit.. A stroke of genius, and a dash of innovation. That's how the idea of a tequila revolution was born! Imagine sipping premium tequila from a shatterproof shot vessel, sealed with a twist-off lid –  game changer, right? ​

Say goodbye to the hassle of toting around bulky glass bottles. With these shatterproof shots, the world is your playground. Poolside paradise? Check. Sandy beach escapades? You got it. Boating, tailgating, or even rocking out at a concert – these shots are the ultimate wingman. 

We immediately set out on a quest in the birthplace of the Agave plant – the town of Tequila, Mexico. With determination in their heart and tequila on their mind, they sought out the perfect production team and distillery to bring our patented dream to life.

So here's to the dreamers, the doers, and the tequila enthusiasts – join us on this wild ride as we twist, cheers, and take a shot to a world of

endless possibilities!

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